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                                NGPLANET SE SA NET FAQ


 1. What ngplanet is about?

NGPlanet is about dvertisements for any thing like house for sales, businesses, stores, and you can add friends, videos, photos, play games, news, instant message to friends, and even shop online.


 2. What does ngplanet mean?

NGPlanet stands for New Generation Planet network, which is a new network or way of communication to all generation in the world.


 3. Can ngplanet only translate in English language?

No, ngplanet can translater in any language like Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, German, Afrikaans, Haitian creole, or any other language of your choice. To the right side of the pages, then you'll see the google translater. Click on the down arrow then choose the language you want.


 4. Is ngplanet site free?

Absolutely, but if one wants to post his or her own videos or advertisement a small fee or donation require.


 5. How one can make a donation or pay fees?

On the bottom right on the homepage just click on donate, and login to your paypal account. Only paypal user can donate. More options comming soon!



 6. How one can register?

On the top right, click on register and complete the form or click on the videos or photos, and it will ask you to register free.
On the sidebar on top, click on browse members or on the right corner click register. Then, complete the registration form, and login to your e-mail to confirm your registration. Click yes, I like to join this site.


 7. How long has this website in function?

Not that long, we just started ngplanet on June 4, 2010.


 8. How can I add my photos?

Click on photos on the menues next to home and products and "add photos", next create your album; then upload the pictures. More than one picture? Yes, click submit when you are done.

 9. How can I add my videos?

Click on videos next to photos and guestbook, next click on "add videos", then you can URL, embeded the code, search form youtube, and more, but I recommend search on youtude it's easier. On the right site, you'll see a search engine buttom. Once you get what you want, click on it, it will appear like a beige color on it, then click submit .

 10. Why I cannot access some pages on the site?

You need to be a member to access some pages like photos, videos, post comments, and more. Sign up free, and it's pretty simple like 1 2 3.

 11. How can I turn off the music on the home page?

Below the google search and New generation  and above the Live TV or the videos click stop, and click on Play to resume it.