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Quotes I would also want to inform you guys about the video that we see on the home page. This is our family band ?Nouvelle Naissance? was performed in Melbourne, FL. Nouvelle Naissance means ?New Generation.? We have nine people in our band. My Dad, Saint Cius Joseph, my mom, Joceline Joseph, brothers are; Davidson, Jude, Ernest, and Bidson Joseph, and sisters are; Darline, Bisentha,and Nerline Joseph, as we can see all of us same Mom and Same Dad, which is fantastic in today society; it is not easy, but we all can make a different to persuade other family to improve . We thanked God for our happy family and I know that God will continue protect, forgive, and save us. We have an album released on February 28, 2009. Our maestro is Davidson if you need anything like the album or to perform. You can reach him at 772 672-1142 or Ernest at 772 940-1273. I hope you enjoy this video and more coming soon. We love you and May God Bless you all. Quotes
Nouvelle Naissance since 2001
All the glory to the Lord of Lord

Quotes Join us on www.ngplanet.net I'm Ernest Joseph,owner of ngplanet, a member of Nouvelle Naissance and A.V. Mass choir, student majoring in business, christian, live at home with my family, and work. Quotes
Ernest Joseph
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