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Fri. 5/24
Tue. 5/28
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Happy Birthday to Davidson & Darline Joseph

WE wish you both the best on your special days. Wish them a wonderful day guys. Thank you.

Sun. 5/26 All day Last quarter
Mon. 6/3 All day New moon
Tue. 6/4
Wed. 6/5
2:00 AM
3:00 AM
NGPlanet SE SA NET Anniversary

Created on June 4, 2010 by Ernest Joseph

Mon. 6/10 All day First quarter
Fri. 6/14 All day Flag Day
Mon. 6/17 All day Full moon
Tue. 6/25 All day Last quarter
Tue. 7/2 All day New moon
Tue. 7/2
Fri. 7/5
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Happy Birthday to Saint Cius Joseph

Wish Saint Cius Happy Birthday.

Thu. 7/4 All day Independence Day
Tue. 7/9 All day First quarter
Tue. 7/16 All day Full moon
Thu. 7/25 All day Last quarter
Thu. 8/1 All day New moon
Sun. 8/4 All day Kerinsky Jean's Birthday

Sun. 8/4
Mon. 8/5
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Saint Cius Joseph

Wish her happy birthday.

Mon. 8/5
Tue. 8/6
All day Sophi a Jean's birthday

Wed. 8/7 All day First quarter
Sun. 8/11 All day Tacha Francois' Birthday.

Happy birhday, honey, and God will bless you on your special days. I hope you have fun.


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